What is Ravesafe

With a lack of specialist welfare providers for U.K. nightclubs and event industries and an increase in drug related deaths occurring it became clear that a service such as Ravesafe was needed. RaveSafe is a concept that provides peer to peer welfare support and education on the dangers of recreational drug use. Specialising in the electronic music and nightlife industries helping to create safer dance floors around the U.K. It was born out of a growing need to keep party goers safe on dance floors, it was launched in September 2018 in response to a drug related tragedy, we felt more proactive measures needed to be in place.

How Does It Work

We have a dedicated team of trained welfare staff on site at events, working cohesively with the professional medical staff present to ensure that there is always an eye on peoples safety and wellbeing during events. They achieve this through roaming dance floor spaces looking out for any party goers that may be unwell. This means response times to any serious medical situations have been cut to a minute and a half from between 3 - 5 minutes without the welfare staff in place. The medical team can also prepare better for what to expect when a patient is brought to them as the initial assessment can be made by our trained welfare staff.

Data and Results

In the time that Ravesafe as a concept has been trialled within Lab11 the average response rate has decreased dramatically to potential patients. With this speed of response we have been able to begin initial assessments and treatment within the venue before patients have fallen off a ‘cliff edge’. This has in turn led to a 45% decrease in ambulances and outside medical staff being brought in to treat on site patients with 95% of patients being treated on site and discharged safely with only 5% now requiring further treatment from ambulance crews.

The Future Of RaveSafe

We were just finishing the trialling phase of the concept as the world came to a standstill in March 2020. The next step is an expansion into dance floors in the midlands and beyond with a festival trial to be conducted to gather data on its effectiveness in this setting.