With the U.K’s nightlife continuing to be affected heavily by the impacts of the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic it was positive to see a number of Pilot Events take place in Liverpool recently. The events that included 5000 people attending a dance music event hosted by Circus is a step in the right direction for our industry and could be pivotal for the safe return of people to the many dance floors of the U.K.

Early data from the events concluded that attending these events, in which partygoers were required to complete a Rapid Lateral Flow Test and return a negative result to enter, were as safe as going to a shopping centre or eating in a restaurant. The guests in attendance were not required to wear masks or socially distance once inside the venue. Preliminary data shows that screening prior to an event and providing adequate ventilation can help to reduce the risk of spread within events.

With these events being deemed to be a success for the nightlife industry and the eventual return of safe events. We can only hope we will see the return of dance floors filled with people up and down the country as soon as possible.

Photo by: Elliot Young